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The direction of technology development of chain

Currently, the domestic chain enterprises in the manufacturing chain of large difference of the level of technology, therefore, speed up the use of high technology and advanced applicable technologies to upgrade the chain industry, the development of "high efficiency, precision, pipeline, automation and specialization," the system of chain technology is an important direction. Focus on the fate of the weak links: 
 (1) improve the chain of material, the use of domestic materials, the strength of the chain of production to achieve the average European, American and Japanese standards breaking load. 
(2) increase the level of raw materials, restructuring, and eliminate backward coal stove annealing methods, the use nitrogen (or nitrogen and hydrogen gas mixture) to protect the hood-type annealing furnace; the use of advanced, fast rolling, and even pull technology. 
(3) increase the level of parts and the whole chain of manufacturing, the existing basis, to accelerate next-generation high-speed, precision manufacturing chain plane research and development; wide dissemination and application of domestic and foreign advanced technology and high precision tooling plane; accelerate chain plate pin high-speed high-speed punching and die cutting of the county carbide, super-polished pin, sets of simple machines and MR P by Biller law optimum processing of pre-bending, high-speed roller chain rolling production of advanced, large Specifications chain mechanical assembly and other new technology, new technology research and development. 
(4) increase the level of heat treatment technology, widely used in controlled atmosphere hardening and carbonitriding, propane gas carburizing of new technologies; reduce dependence on the converter, the thick layer infiltration by the box-type multi-purpose products, furnace or gas well furnace replacement. 
(5) detection means to improve the chain, complete chain of test equipment, pay attention to the chain of fatigue test and car, motorcycle, high-speed wear test cone regulation. Second, corporate management development. Currently, many companies still in the flash industry, "extensive" low-level management; than the state, so the enterprise management level, should be "extensive" to the modernization of information management direction of trying. As soon as possible to create conditions for enterprises to establish the ERP system with its own characteristics, the use of modern management tools and methods, and promote product development, technical design and data processing, and improving the production, logistics, quality, marketing, statistics and information of the level of integrated business management; To optimize the corporate Web site management and construction, strengthen cooperation with China Mobility chain link, give full play to the overall advantages of modern information network; to focus on human resources development and personnel training may be the introduction of the necessary management and technical expertise; to enhance the environment management, and create a "green factory."

Release date:2010/12/11

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