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The characteristics of the chain conveyor

The characteristics of the chain conveyor  
Today we look at the chain conveyor with some of the features:  
1, conveyor chain, a large transmission capacity, small footprint, 
small space in the large quantities of material, and with other 
transportation equipment and lifting devices used in combination
 to form various features of the production line. In particular, 
conveyor chain, electric automation, a high degree of logic, 
transmission speed, loading unloading can be controlled by a 
computer, a large savings in manpower costs.  
    2, the chain conveyor for moving and lifting load conveyor, 
transfer to conveyors, pallet supply with a collection of machines.  
    3, chain conveyor rational structure, high efficiency, low energy 
consumption, transportation, transportation equipment, a change
 driven by the majority of mode of transport to traction use of materials
 and the friction bearing surface to pull materials, can significantly reduce 
energy consumption . Compared with the screw conveyor chain conveyor,
 about 50% lower power consumption.  
    4, chain conveyor and a high security, and a sealing characteristics, can 
reduce the material during operation of the pollution and ensure the stability 
of transmission work. Chain Conveyor The choice of carrying a wide range of
 materials in the transportation process of the destruction of the small, many 
kinds of materials can be transported.  
    5, chain conveyor erection mature technology, circuit design flexibility, enabling
 more feed, can be elevated or laying pit can be used for bidirectional transmission.
 Climbing the chain conveyor can be used for transmission, or climbing the same 
plane with transportation and the level of transmission, but climbing the inclination 
can not exceed 15 กใ.  
    6, the chain conveyor and low price, simple structure and easy maintenance, long life,
 easy maintenance, stable operation, better transmission efficiency.  
    7, the chain conveyor can be aluminum or steel frame structure, surface phosphate 
treatment spray.   

Release date:2010/12/11

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